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Saturday, April 30, 2011

History programs....

Last year we chose to buy a complete history program for the first time.
For me, it was a struggle. I have the capability of putting together our own history program and could probably save quite a bit of money using free internet resources and lesson plans and the library. However.... it takes time, a loottt of time, and it seems like such wasted time when you spend hours and hours online looking for things, and secondly we live rural and our library system... is, well, rural.

So, we chose the Beautiful Feet American History I. Really enjoyed it, here and there it was a little over their heads, but all the reading material was excellent, the children loved notebooking, and the Christian basis was something I really liked. It taught the Christian principles and Christian character well. We added some history pockets to add some hands-on and had a great year! The children really retained things so much better through this literature based program than through any history textbook!

Well, there was no option from Beautiful Feet for us to choose from for next year with the children still being young and I also really liked the looks of the Winter Promise curriculum. I ordered it about 2 1/2 weeks ago. So far I have received 1/3 of the materials... and there are a few already that I had to take my marker to, or skip altogether.... I am very disappointed and now feeling very guilty for spending the money... but yet I am not sure if it would be wise to spend all this time setting up our own curriculum. Revising the Winter Promise curriculum still will be much less time consuming... and less time spent on this will free more time for the most important things.... reading the Bible, other good books and singing together with our children praises to Him who sends all blessings to us!

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