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Saturday, April 30, 2011

History programs....

Last year we chose to buy a complete history program for the first time.
For me, it was a struggle. I have the capability of putting together our own history program and could probably save quite a bit of money using free internet resources and lesson plans and the library. However.... it takes time, a loottt of time, and it seems like such wasted time when you spend hours and hours online looking for things, and secondly we live rural and our library system... is, well, rural.

So, we chose the Beautiful Feet American History I. Really enjoyed it, here and there it was a little over their heads, but all the reading material was excellent, the children loved notebooking, and the Christian basis was something I really liked. It taught the Christian principles and Christian character well. We added some history pockets to add some hands-on and had a great year! The children really retained things so much better through this literature based program than through any history textbook!

Well, there was no option from Beautiful Feet for us to choose from for next year with the children still being young and I also really liked the looks of the Winter Promise curriculum. I ordered it about 2 1/2 weeks ago. So far I have received 1/3 of the materials... and there are a few already that I had to take my marker to, or skip altogether.... I am very disappointed and now feeling very guilty for spending the money... but yet I am not sure if it would be wise to spend all this time setting up our own curriculum. Revising the Winter Promise curriculum still will be much less time consuming... and less time spent on this will free more time for the most important things.... reading the Bible, other good books and singing together with our children praises to Him who sends all blessings to us!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Curriculum Clean Out #3

One more item for today to Clean OUT :) !


I have a new Big Book of Bible Crafts ISBN 0830725733
160 pages of reproducible projects for ages 3 to 12
100 Bible teaching crafts using economical, easy-to-find supplies

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Curriculum Clean Out #2


A second giveaway for Music books and cds from a 1st to 2nd grade level.

#1 Music and You from Macmillan ISBN 0022933204/2 An older book but lots of songs and things to learn!

#2 K12 Music set. Let's sing songbook volume 1, and two cds still in plastic wrap: Let's sing volume 1, and Let's learn rhythm

#3 BJU Music 1 for Christian Schools book and worktext book

This set of music books as one giveaway. Free shipping to the US.

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Curriculum Clean Out


I hope to post a few give aways.  This first give away is for a Greetings from America coloring and activity book handed out by the USPS and a book Spotlight on the United States of America.  Having trouble with my pictures here but the ISBN is 0778734528 if you would like to look it up from Crab Tree Books.

Please include your email address in your entry.  Winner will be chosen randomly on Monday.  Free shipping to US only.

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Spring and new lives!

Spring always brings new life around here and also a different kind of business.  Coops and fences and cages need mending because the little ones will be here soon!   Our first set of chicks arrived today - 50 meat chickens.  Of course, as usual, I seem to be unprepared.  We knew for four weeks they were coming, but time goes too quickly!  Heat lamp, check. Extension cord to plug in heat lamp, missing.  Base for the waterer, check. Top, missing.  And so it has been going so far.
I see Momma cat's belly is hanging low again.  Thankful this litter will be arriving in warm weather! Last litter she hung out in our school room with her little ones and it was just a bit of a distraction. 
Looks like we will be having the first litter out of our newest dog too... and I can't find her papers.... This is going to be a problem..
A mare we took on in the fall also has been filling out and I've had the pleasure of watching the kicks and movements of the baby inside as I water them ever day.   It will be a lot of work when he/she arrives but it is definitely our most exciting arrival.
The calves continue to come. Some with more difficulty than others.  With dairying it is a year round process but they sure seem to come in spurts! We had 9 so far in the last two days and the vet is here now trying to untangle a pair of twins.  One set of twins yesterday arrived dead also.  We never like to see twins around here. They take too much out of their Momma's and yesterday's was a prime example of it.  With mom and both babies dead 8 days before she was due.  One minute up fine, bright-eyed and eating, next minute down and before the vet arrives, dead. Very disappointing but yet, we were blessed with several more healthy calves and then we have to be thankful and say that the Lord is good in everything He does!
Speaking of little ones.... our little one is growing too quickly.  At 95th percentile for height and weights she is quickly growing out of her clothes and has lost the newborn look.... I'm praying for the strength to handle all the little ones with the coming good weather and ..... yes, it seems like my back injury continues to be aggravated with just my regular daily work and I'm not sure how I'm going to get the garden planted, but yet, we have to!  The prices in the stores have us tighter than tight!